• Last spring my garden is alive after along winter sleep. Plenty of work to be done. Planted many vegetable seedlings grown in the greenhouse. Lettuce, carrot (sowed direct into the ground), collard, kale, Swiss chard, corn, pumpkin, potato, beet, summer squash, tomato and leek. The garden is doing great. Just yesterday I harvested several zuccinni. Right away I made zuccinni chocolate cake. It is always a joy to be able to harvest from your own garden and cook with the vegetable that you grow yourself. Gardening is an excellent exercise for body and mind. Regardless how big or small your garden is.
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Enchanted Moss Forest

Green moss on maple branches

Rain, rain and more rain continuously since yesterday,  with plenty of moisture makes it a suitable growing environment for moss.   Yes, all these moss images taken from my property in Oregon. 

Moss covered trees

Moss can be found on roof, lawn, concrete slab, decayed wood.  It is amazing how moss can attached themself on anything.  The Oregon green moss which grows on maple branches are soft to the touch.  This kind of moss are excellent for hanging basket liners and will keep all summer long.  As long as the hanging basket is kept moist.  They are easy to peel from low growing maple branches.    


Lichen is another variety of moss that looks like a snake-skin. A thick leathery texture to the touch,  it is also good for composting.  Lichen grows on branches will not harm trees because it takes nourishment from the air rather than from the tree.  Lichen also commonly found on dead branches and limbs.  Give lichens access to the sun they will grow with little competition.  Sometime lichen will fall on the ground caused by strong wind.   

Moss are wonderful on trees.  Nature truly has created an enchanted moss forest.   

Happy Gardening……..    

Moss on abandoned log



Bearded Moss


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  1. Hey

    It’s a boring day today at work and I have time to search the internet. I was looking on concrete and construction articles and Googled your website. I love it, it’s fun and I also love the way you write your articles.

    Definitely it’s a pleasant surprise and I’m glad Google pointed towards your direction.

    See You!

    • Thanks for your comment on my enchanted moss forest. Google is indeed a wonderful search engine. Have a nice day……

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