• Last spring my garden is alive after along winter sleep. Plenty of work to be done. Planted many vegetable seedlings grown in the greenhouse. Lettuce, carrot (sowed direct into the ground), collard, kale, Swiss chard, corn, pumpkin, potato, beet, summer squash, tomato and leek. The garden is doing great. Just yesterday I harvested several zuccinni. Right away I made zuccinni chocolate cake. It is always a joy to be able to harvest from your own garden and cook with the vegetable that you grow yourself. Gardening is an excellent exercise for body and mind. Regardless how big or small your garden is.
    Thank you for coming by.

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About Me, Riosamba

Gardening is my passion.   It was in high school that I began to have an interest in gardening.  It is all right with me when my hand gets dirty.  I love the feel of soil, I know it is strange, but gardening will make one’s hand dirty.   My other passion other than gardening are photography, reading, cooking and hiking with my Labrador.   With so many interest I don’t know how I ever find the time to blog.   But, here I am blogging away in my gardening/photo journal. 

Thank you for finding my garden and photo blog and have a wonderful day ! 

Vegetable Garden


The Greenhouse

I started seeds in the greenhouse for later planting in the garden when weather permits.  

The Orchard

 The orchard where apple, pear, plum, fig and cherry trees are growing.  As well as strawberry, blueberry raspberry, gooseberry and red/black currant.  A patch of garden for growing pumpkin, summer and winter squash.  Broccoli, pepper, green beans and corn.  Flower patch of sunflowers, cosmos, marigolds.  A beautiful, peaceful corner in the property.


The air is warm and clear. A delightful breeze ruffles our hair. Green meadows and fields of corn whiz past as we cruise down a country lane. Each of us has a secret for the other. Mine is the peach tree in an old orchard where we’ve spread our picnic. Always, I’ve known this gnarled old tree………Every summer my father swung me up to sit on its low branches. From that sweet memory I recall the exact time each year the fruit ripens. Today’s the day—the peaches are golden pink orbs, tender to the touch. My sweetheart and I bite into one, laughing as juice trickles down our chins. ~Rosemary Zibart~

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